Yacht- und Schiff- Registrierungen mit "CE"

Die Abkürzung CE bedeutet Communauté Européenne

(franz. für „Europäische Gemeinschaft“)

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Adressen für Deutsche Bootsanmeldung

Countries have been declared FOCs

Beware of following Registrations

Fehlendes CE-Zertifikat



Gesetze zu CE Zertifikaten

Verordnung über das In-Verkehr-bringen von Sportbooten


Zoll, Mehrwertsteuer und Einfuhrumsatzsteuer


Nachweis der EU-Mehrwertsteuer bei Gebrauchtyachten

Mehrwertsteuer für Yachten in der EU (1)

Mehrwertsteuer für Yachten in der EU (2)

Mehrwertsteuersatz im Länder-Vergleich in der EU


Kauf einer Yacht/Bootes

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Georgia Liberia
St. Vincent   U.K.  Vanuatu

individual ownership

Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

tonnage survey

No Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Procedure complexity

Simple Complex Modest Modest Complex Modest


1 week 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks

recoding facility

No Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Total cost for
1st year
42ft yacht

(3 years $685)
$1350 $1100 $1200 $1600 $1450

Cost for each ongoing year
2nd, 3rd ...

(3 years $685)
$750 $550 $560 $480 $650


Bestseller Recently increased fees World's biggest fleet Well Established Prestige
at cost






Why should I consider foreign registry beside my home one?

The choice of flags listed on our web gives you opportunity to have your boat registered CUSTOM and TAX FREE.

There are some EU countries that offer TAX FREE registration for their residents BUT ...  once you have entered official books your name shines as the yacht owner. It won't cause much civil unrest if kind of luxury tax would be implemented. For your piece of mind register your yacht somewhere else.  



Which flag to choose?

Depending on your place of residence, nationality and intended use of the yacht the flag selection

should be considered. Here, we could give you free advise.

Example: Slovenian resident purchased his boat TAX FREE and had it registered in Delaware.

The principal place of use is Croatian part of Adriatic but he could use it elsewhere except Slovenian

waters. Still we have encountered a lot of Slovenian yachtowners that have paid custom duty and VAT.

If they were informed, instead of feeding local bureaucrats, they would have bigger yachts.  



What about I should be warned?

Be extra cautious when selecting an agent. There are unscrupulous operators that sell instant

boat registrations of nonexistent jurisdictions (British Honduras), non valid American and Austrian

yacht clubs or unauthorised Guinea Bissau licenses.

There is no such thing as instant registration and if you get offer like this you better get rid off

this "nice fellow".

The fastest way we could provide your preliminary or permanent registration fax copy is three

working days. The hard copy could be handed over to you within 8-12 days.



What documents I need to get a new registration?

New yachts:

- American manufacturers issue Manufacturer's Statement of Origin. The rest call it Builder's

  Certificate. If there is no name of the owner stated on it then notarised Bill of Sale is needed.

- Application form.


Used yachts:

- Certificate of Deletion from previous registry is crucial document. This document tells that the

  yacht is free of any liens and encumbrances. Do not pay out seller before getting one. If you

  have done so without getting the document then you are in seller's mercy.

- Bill of Sale notarised.

- Application form.



What Bill of Sale must contain?

Proper Bill of Sale must contain:

- boat's Hull Identification Number – HIN (12 digits and letters)

- boat's description (length)

- statements "has been sold to" and "has been paid to".

- notarised seller's signature

For acceptable template you could use our proven sample.



Do I have to visit your office?

No, you could apply by any means: email, fax, mail.

After completion we can deliver your documents by courier, mail and yes, by the bus.

Anyhow, we prefer to see our client as we are here to stay and serve for ongoing years.



Could we negotiate the prices?

Our price schedule is one of the lowest on the market. Please do some shopping around and

you'll be glad you have not lost our contacts.

We aim for numerous clients, not for sporadic high price tags therefore we provide manufacturers,

marinas, charter fleet operators and resellers.
If you find lower price anywhere we will beat it.



Could you help me buying/selling my boat?

Although it is not our business we could give you a list of available yachts or offer your yacht to

our customers inner circle.



Are you taking care about my renewals?

If you choose so, we'll send you a notification letter before expiration date on your registration.

You do not owe us nothing, it's up to you whether you want to renew or not.



I sold my boat could you handle the documents?

It's your duty to produce a valid Bill of Sale and get it notarised.

We could obtain the Certificate of Deletion and transfer the registration onto a new owner.



I do not have valid documents can you help?

In most cases we could find a workable solution. Contact us if you have any need.

We are not doing you a favour by servicing you, you are doing us a favour by giving us

the opportunity to serve you.  

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